Only 22% of medical scribes in the U.S. have any form of certification, according to a recent study conducted by The Doctors Company and Oregon Health and Science University. Medical scribes are the fastest-growing profession in healthcare, and it is important to establish a standardized level of quality for this emerging industry.

ProScribe requires our medical scribes to go through a rigorous training program that encompasses web-based, instructor-led, and clinical training.  Additionally, all of our outpatient medical scribes are required to obtain a certification from The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS) and we extend and encourage this opportunity to all of our medical scribes.

What is the ACMSS?

The ACMSS is a non-profit organization devoted to advancing the education, proficiency and professional standing of medical scribes.  They have developed minimum performance standards and examination material for medical scribes and offer certification training for medical scribes to become Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS).  Furthermore, the ACMSS is the nation’s only Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliant certification body.

So why should you hire a Certified Medical Scribe Specialist?

Reason #1:  Better Qualified Scribes

Medical scribing requires a robust skill set that includes high professional and ethical standards, proficient typing abilities, knowledge of medical terminology and techniques, and cognizance of delicate and confidential information.

Certified Medical Scribe Specialists must demonstrate a mastery of knowledge by passing the ACMSS issued Medical Scribe Certification & Aptitude Test (MSCAT), which ensures that they are well-qualified for their role as a medical scribe.  The MSCAT contains psychometric clinical workflow scenarios, medical terminology, HIPAA guidelines, medicolegal risk mitigation, visit-level assignments, knowledge of computer skills and functions of electronic health records.  To remain an active member in good standing, a CMSS must complete continuing education every year.

Reason #2:  Point of Care Assistance

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a CMSS is that they are able to provide assistance at the point of care.  Under the practitioner’s license, an ACMSS certified scribe can assist with more advanced clinical practices and direct patient care tasks such as rooming patients, taking basic vitals, procedure prep, and entering CPOE.

Reason #3:  Incentive Program Discounts

Hiring a CMSS also gives your healthcare provider an opportunity to qualify for Promoting Interoperability Programs (formerly called Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs).  These programs provide incentive payments for certain healthcare providers who use EHR technology in ways that positively impact patient care.  Providers have to meet specific requirements in order to receive incentive payments.

A person holding the CMSS credential is certified to have the education and training required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to serve as a “credentialed medical assistant” to meet requirements for electronic health record incentive payments under federal law.


The benefit of having a CMSS documenting on behalf of a healthcare provider can have a tremendous impact on an organization.  As an official ACMSS Partner with a commitment to high quality and excellence in the industry, ProScribe provides the opportunity for all of our medical scribes to obtain an ACMSS certification.  Contact us at (888) 991-1773 or fill out a request form for more information about our medical scribe services.


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