Did you know that only 22% of medical scribes in the U.S. have any form of certification, according to a recent study?  With an estimated 100,000 medical scribes employed nationwide by 2020, it is important that scribes are certified in order to achieve a high standard and prevent variability.

ProScribe requires all of our outpatient scribes to obtain an American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS) certification and we encourage all of our scribes to become certified.  The ACMSS is a non-profit organization devoted to advancing the education, proficiency and professional standing of medical scribes.  They have established a Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) certification program that is the only CMS compliant certification in the U.S.

So why should you obtain an ACMSS certification?

1. It’s Free!

One of the many perks of being employed by ProScribe is that we pay for all of our medical scribes to obtain and renew this certification!  We know that most medical students have thin wallets, so we pay for the $200 sign-up fee and $85 annual fee so that you can focus on your personal development without worrying about the associated costs.

Furthermore, a prospect would typically have to accrue 200 hours of on-site medical scribe experience before they could get certified.  Our training curriculum has been approved by ACMSS as a comprehensive source of training, which allows you to waive the 200 clinical hour criteria and take your exam upon the completion of our training program.

2. It Allows You To Assist At The Point Of Care

You aspire to be a healthcare provider to treat patients, so why not begin before going to professional school?  Under a practitioner’s license, an ACMSS certified scribe can assist with more advanced clinical practices and direct patient care tasks such as rooming patients, taking basic vitals, procedure prep, and entering CPOE.  This hands-on experience will be very beneficial as you continue working towards your career in healthcare.

3. It Looks Good On Your Resume

Scribing has become one of the most popular ways to accumulate clinical hours for graduate programs.  If the majority of applicants already have scribe experience, you need to do even more in order to stand out to admissions.  Professional schools want to see something on your resume that sets you apart from the pack. Obtaining a certification will demonstrate your commitment to excellence and show them that you are dedicated and hungry to become a future provider.  Only one in five medical scribes in the U.S. have a certification, so this is the perfect way to showcase your dedication to the medical field.

Are you ready to set yourself apart and become ACMSS certified?  Let your site manager know you are interested and they will provide you with more information.  Not a member of our team yet? Click here to check out our current openings.


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